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Agapé Acupuncture & Massage in pain management

Our true nature is LIGHT. Our body is our vehicle here on earth, a kind of mobile home, house or camper. This vehicle works at its best when it is perfectly balanced. Just like a wheel that needs to be able to roll well over the road. If there’s something wrong here, for example by poorly accessible roads – read: our often whimsical, turbulent lives, or that you do not use or maintain the vehicle properly, then we say that something’s not right with our body – read: sick, pain. The vehicle mostly will ask for repair. Discomfort in our body functions as an alarm system. Body communicates with mind. If we find the root cause of the dis-order or dis-ease, we’ll be able to perform the repair adequately. This disturbance, somatic in nature is 99.99% caused by the mind, read: psycho-emotional, psycho-somatic in nature. Healing is being sought at various levels of existence: physical, emotional, mental, psychological and spiritual.

We then seek healing (read: recover balance) at various levels of existence: physical, emotional, mental, psychological and spiritual. But this is only as an emergency aid, a First Aid for Discomfort. Not much different from the western variant, but in a much friendlier and more natural way. After this we search and understand the message that the body sent (to the mind). This the basic starting point we carry out the repair. Basically it´s only about de-programming of various automatons, The worst one is “the illusion of knowing what is good and not good“.

Agapé Acupuncture & Massage (from now on referred to as AAM) offers a wide range of mainstream and alternative medicine for individuals and companies, including acupuncture and miscellaneous kind of massages. But this is only a

We work as a holistic method, which means that attention is given to body, mind and soul.

AAM offers acupuncture and different types of massage that provide relaxation, healing and self-awareness.

We use energy (Qi, Ki, Chi, inner strength) and the self-healing ability of the body. So that the receiver can heal and awaken, get more insight into the essence of existence and in themselves and especially in pain relief.

It is our mission to stay honest and trustworthy. The treatments focus naturally on the unique, individual needs.

The receiver heals him/herself and  remain primarily responsible for his/her own well-being. AAM only assists. We are willing to go to the utmost, you too? To what price are you are you willing to get rid of your complaint? Are you willing to change or even give up your lifestyles and beliefs?

For every thought we hold and believe, leads to conviction. It has always has its repercussions in our body. These thoughts take a certain form, manifests something somewhere in our body. In other words, our body testifies our beliefs.

It is our mission to remain honest and holy to keep our banner of Love, Justice and Justice high.

Reciprocation? Ideally, Indians exchange, otherwise just one euro per minute …

In ancient times, the Chinese doctors live by the number of people he takes care of and can keep healthy. Because transport and communication lines are not so advanced as now, these people are also living within walking or bicycle distance from the doctor. If someone gets sick in his circle, a red flag is raised. This gives the doctor a signal that someone is ill in the house and he also knows that no income can be obtained from this house. The doctor needs therefore quickly expel the disease so that the flag can be lowered down and get paid again. So if all of his people get and stay sick he will be bankrupt.

This tradition can also be continued with us.


The services of AAM includes among others:

  • acupuncture
  • relaxation Massage
  • Reflexology
  • sports massage,
  • healing massage
  • Chair massage
  • Reiki
  • Kalimasada
  • craniosacral
  • shiatsu
  • Tuina
  • Avatar
  • I Ching
  • Palmistry
  • Dance and Meditation Groups
  • Massages in the workplace