I was born and raised in Indonesia.Liem Boen Hian

Between 1982 and 1990 I studied Mathematics and Computer Science at the Free University of Amsterdam. Since 1997 I was a self-employed entrepreneur in the ICT.

In 1996 I did an Avatar training, that brought some insight into the workings of the mind and creating ones own reality through the power of thought (believe). This becomes one of the most important theme in my life and is part of the treatments I give.

In 2001 I attended sessions in the Osho Commune in Pune, India. After that, I guided some group meditations, such as the Osho Dynamic Meditation, Kundalini Meditation and Chakra meditation.

Since 2006 I study Western Medicine and Acupuncture. In 2009 I accomplished the Indonesian acupuncture and acupressure diploma and in 2012 the Dutch acupuncture diploma.

Currently I work as a holistic acupuncture and massage therapist and I give group meditations on request.

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