Session and prices


Alternative medicine

Healing is being sought at various levels of existence: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

During the treatments, emotional body work, Avatar, quantum psychological and other spiritual methods can be used.

Avatar includes a series of experiential exercises that tune awareness on what it wants to be achieved.

Quantum Psychology is the combination of science, energy, spirituality, philosophy and psychology. In which certain aspects of reality beyond our ordinary understanding of time and space. What is important is awareness of what creates our spirit.

Other services

Osho Active Meditations: Dynamic Meditation, Kundalini Chakra Breathings, “Core dancing” [/accordion-item].

Massages in the workplace

Massages in the workplace can reduce absenteeism within companies. Experience has shown that we are highly desirable in this group.

If you are insured complementary, you can claim your expenses from most health insurer for treatments / sessions.

Compensation: Indians exchange → Quality TIME for Quality TIMEŽŽ, otherwise  just one euro per minute … Money can never ever compensate love (which cures all kind of problems). Only mutual love can do that. For practical reasons, the compensation will be determined by you according to your capacity in love and power (“se-ikhlas-nya”)..

Guided Group activities: € 60 per hour (divided by number of participants)

Various meditations (Osho Active Meditations: Dynamic Meditation, Kundalini Chakra Breathings, Core dancing.

At your location

Default massages take place in the mentioned locations places above. But we are also mobile! With our stable folding massage table and / or massage chair we can be everywhere. We come to you along if you order a massage of 3 hour or longer. Travel time and costs, we count on the price mentioned in the list above.
Massaging we consecutive multiple people at your location, then it is to your advantage: you share the travel costs all together. Great for team building, company seminars, presentations, (quarterly) meetings, conferences, staff parties but also family celebrations. Our experience is that the people in their rows deep (massage) turn wait!

< 15 Minutes journey time: € 0.50 per km
> 15 Minutes journey time: € 0.75 per minute

Special arrangements:

  • gift coupon/voucher
  • Stamp: 6th visit 50% discount or 11th session free of charge
  • continue according to the Chinese Red Flag Tradition: After a predetermined number of treatments, free of charge if you resort under our protection and still being ill. This means that you will spend a periodic contribution for the rest of your life as long as you are healthy. If you become ill or sick, the contribution will stop and you will be treated free of charge until you are better again. If you want to get out of your contract, all previous free sessions will be settled.
  • Place a bet/contract: after 10 sessions we acquire agreed desired state

Note that you will need to be willing to resolve the core of your problem, otherwise such a contract can not be made. In other words: follow the agreed procedure.

Company’s rates: as agreed