To: SVB Zaandam, RDW, College voor Zorgverzekeringen, Ombudsman Zorgverzekeringen, Nationale Ombudsman, NVVE

CC: mr. Paul J. Möhlmann (mayor van Oostzaan), mr. Peter Visser (alderman of Oostzaan), UWV, Doorn-, UNIVÉ, PWZ Insurances, family doctor's practice De Kolk, family, friends and acquaintances.

Subject: request for exemption for the compulsory (health) insurances due to conscientious objection

Oostzaan, 09 November 2006

This document is an attempt to explain my objection regarding (health) insurances.

Brief background information about myself: I gradu­ated in Computer Sciences at the Computer Sciences Faculty at the Free University Amsterdam in June 1990. My original main subject was moved from Medical Informatics to General Informatics. After that I’ve been working in this field for more than 10 years. Since 1994 (after my divorce), I’ve been developing myself in spiri­tual, natural- and eastern medical technology. At this moment I’m professionalizing my healing services for living.

The arguments are summarized in these 3 subject mat­ters:

      Wanting to carry my own full responsibility in life without any interferences

      Deficiency of the “regular” Dutch medical care (health service)

      Public financial contribution for (heath) insurance is unreasonable and unbearable




  1. The majority of the Dutch population is used not to carry (own) responsibility. In this way, among other things, one refuses to defend each other. This is institutionalized. If, e.g. riots happen on the street or if your neighbour dies, everybody shrugs: “It's none of my business, I don't want to interfere”. That's why it regularly happens in the Netherlands that neighbours will be alarmed and take some action if they can satisfy their needs: “Get rid of that awful smell”. The deceased neighbour must have been dead for quite a while ...

    Patients used to rely their life on someone else (doctors, attorneys, insurances, ...). In this way one doesn't learn to deal with one's own life and take full responsibility. In this way knowledge and ability to cope with one's own body and mind remain retarded.
    I trust and put (preferably) my life in nothing and no one else than God’s hands.
  2. The Dutch medical system, health care, is only driven by money! The real motivation behind health care services here is only money. Money is central here; the real health of the human being is secondary. Often you can even notice that it is a façade to acquire the main goal: own glory and self-enrichment. The greed for honour and matter is major. That's why hospitals and everything around it becomes fatter and fatter in time within years. Hospitals become more abundance, richer and richer by day.

    Due to my extremely bad experiences with the western, Dutch health care, I definitely refuse to be touched by even one finger of people from these agencies outside my wish.

    Insurances and unfortunately also the Dutch government and legislation are guilty of STRIKING TERROR into its people: “What, if you got sick man ... who's going to pay for all that”. Thinking that money the solution is for sickness (and problems in general) at all is wrong. First class deception!!!

    Why donate funds for hearts patients if they keep refusing listening to their hearts (common sense) anyway; contributing asthma funds if one won't stop polluting our air; to rheumatism funds if one keeps refusing taking rest and keep holding to rigid beliefs; to cancer funds if one keeps repressing one selves, specially one's anger, and continues ignoring signals of body and mind, that there are many thing in life that just doesn't right; to Aids funds, if one does not stop ...

    Which great master, philosopher or any (religious) belief system ever told us that money can even solve just one problem, let alone “the” solution of all problems. On the contrary: MONEY IS THE SOURCE OF ALL EVIL in this world. For this modern miscarriage, which nowadays disperses as a far advanced cancer tumour, there is sad enough no medicine that can cure. Who doesn't know the beginning of this miscarriage in the Netherlands: “Money does not make happy, but it's useful to have it”. This slippery, vicious evil whispering feeds the greed (the first of the 5 sources, roots of evil and illness) of the biggest part of the world population.

    We forgot the old sages ... these civilisations are exterminated, eliminated by the ever growing greed, evil in the world ... the Indians with their nature healing (the medicine-men), the Aboriginals en the almost exterminated Tibetans ... Who can ever stop this MADNESS??? Look at the Tibetans, whilst possible now ... learn from them how they live ... “We only take from nature what we need today, we do not store for tomorrow. In this way we preserve harmony with nature around us”.

    Therefore the use of common sense (the heart) seems to become extinct and the religiousness stops to exist to create place for mind pollution and mental poisoning. “Imagine … if we use our common sense, it just means the end of the capitalism”.

    There are too little investments for the fundamental development of man (schools and educations): they're just not economically profitable. That's why classrooms of primary schools and colleges are too crowded: they become mere factories to transform people to devices to feed the economy, trade and industry.

    Terrorism is the product of our society: a desperate answer (helplessness) to the MADNESS in the COLD-HEARTED world full of GREED, FEAR and ARROGANCE.

    The Dutch legislation should bring itself to the submission of the jurisdiction and jurisprudence of the Universal Cosmic laws of justice and righteousness instead of subjecting itself to greed. Insurance is a denial of one's responsibility. An insurance duty is a kind of violation of human rights.

    Referring to the new health care system 2006 (

    Exemptions from the insurance obligation

    The government has made two exceptions to the general rule that people compulsorily covered by the Exceptional Medical Expenses Act are obliged to take out insurance under the Health Insurance Act.

1. Military personnel: Members of the armed forces on active service are insured under the Exceptional Medical Expenses Act but do not have to take out insurance under the Health Insurance Act. They receive care from the military medical services. This cover applies outside working hours as well as during deployment in the Netherlands and abroad. The Ministry of Defence is able to provide care on a scale that ensures optimum services under all circumstances to safeguard the health and deployment of members of the armed forces. This would not be possible under the Health Insurance Act. Therefore, military personnel have no obligation to take out insurance under the Health Insurance Act.

2. Conscientious objectors: Another exception to the insurance obligation has been made for people with conscientious objections. Those who object to insurance on principle pay no premiums under the Exceptional Medical Expenses Act. Nor are they obliged to take out insurance under the Health Insurance Act. However, they do owe the income-related contribution in the form of a substitute tax. This extra tax paid by conscientious objectors is placed on a separate account held with the Health insurance Board. A conscientious objector may use the balance to pay for the costs of care similar to that covered by health insurance.

The compulsory, forced, unwanted health care is just another form of violation of human rights. A mutilated form of the Good Samaritan: “I provide you with my care (whether you like it or not), but you've got to pay me afterwards!!!”

For people who wish to carry responsibility of own life becomes worse: they are saddled with an extra tax!!! So if I do not wish to make costs for the care, does the money disappear in government's cash register? Is this the same as camouflaged day light robbery???

[By the way: As a result of the insurance companies and legislation, the Dutch society becomes an administrative, bureaucratic, intellectual, narrow-minded, mechanical, egoistical, egocentrically and non-social society. It is not weird that (by easterners mentioned) western illnesses (mental illnesses – loneliness, depression, burn-outs and heart & vessel diseases) havocking in this community.

If the government demonstrable motivates its legislation on the idea: “The Netherlands is a very small country; there are too little Dutch people on earth; we’ve got to be thriftily with our people”, then I feel definitely that it’s a noble gesture. But if this is really true, the state should take accommodatingly measures, which is comparable to the military regulation.]

That’s why hospitals and insurance companies and ultimately the state (that feed itself too from the wealth of these agencies), become richer and richer. The insurance companies even invest their money in weapons!!! Contradictio in terminis.

The extra premium for dentistry and “alternative” (named in this way due to the narrow-mindedness in The Netherlands) is so high, compared to the allowance for “alternative” medicine one can get, that it is unattractive for me to insure myself in The Netherlands. I thought that the origin of Liberalism is in Holland. I thought that The Netherlands is the least narrow-minded country in the West. Or does this Liberalism also refer to crime - criminal thoughts - delinquent people who are protected by the law or the state? Is the Netherlands a paradise for liberalism and criminals? The insurance companies are apparently aware of what is really good for the human being, that it limits this. Because if everyone stays healthy, they will not earn money anymore. Why do you think, is it very difficult to earn money in the “alternative” circuit? Who are willing to make sacrifices? Replace luxury for real health? Who are willing to give up ones belongings, career, and all things you are pursuing at this moment for the benefit of your own well-being in body and mind??? You’re too greedy, arrogant and jealous … unaware that you are signing for your destruction, and digging your own grave.

That’s why the almost free, costless, but very effective medical science from the antiquities are destroyed. One has forgotten that so much “weeds” (also so called by narrow-mindedness - read: greed) are so medicinal. No, weeds and many other crops that are so good for our body and mind have to make place for roads and technological industries. And what to think about the urine-therapy? Why are the books, that elaborates about these are not available anymore? If everyone will have this knowledge, then all the hospitals would become empty and the physicians would become unemployed together with other “vagabonds“.


On the other hand it would be better to raise the car taxes with minimal 5 times, and in case of not paying, raise the penalty with another 5 times. The same holds for the fuel prices. Because the government should be able to determine how much pollution will be allowed in our clean and pure Netherlands. Unfortunately, the government also is full of greed. It generates big money out of the car- and fuel industries.


3.    The insurance premium is as such that it attacks the budget for the absolute minimum income. For this group it is very hard to cover another 10% for the assurances!!! The premium should better be related to someone’s income. As it is now, the wealthy people among us (the greatest committers of exhaustion of the soil of our mother earth) become richer and richer, and the less endowed (become) poorer and poorer.

Finally I also would like to bring forward my complaint regarding the procedure of submitting of this scruple which was started in November 2004:

  1.   Nobody knew at the SVB (social security bank) which department is engaged in scruple health insurances. This indicates how little people in the Netherlands are conscious with the development of someone’s own responsibility.
  2. The appointment with mr. Rob Bakas of the SVB was careless:

·        Only after 2x SMS he gave a belated reaction

·          The meeting should take place September 2006 the 22nd at 13.00, but mr. Bakas didn’t show up without any notice. One hour after the arranged meeting I went to the SVB office in Zaandam to get an explanation. Mr. Bakas was not at the office. After a phone call from the hall-porter, I’ve got the answer from the hall-porter: “warn out discussion” and ask for excuses. I think this is not correct: with a short phone call he could have mentioned that he was late or take initiative to apologize afterwards. Excuses for a first contact is in my opinion strange, cheap and easy. It would be better if he would offer something extra as compensation!

  1. I consider the fact that the conversation has to be held at all costs in my home as a motion of no confidence: maybe you want to see whether you’re dealing with a kind of fool or idiot? Mr. Bakas couldn’t make any comments about this. Where else is the GBA for??? Isn’t it better to first find out who you’re dealing with???
  2. In the conversation his talking and human reflections were limited by the Dutch narrow-mindedness. After repeatedly asked whether he understand me at all, he said: “I understand what you mean, but I’m tied by the rules of my employer, to which I have to conform to”.
    My objection is directed against the refusal of the Dutch health care, while he continually emphasizing that I’m not allowed to have any assurance!!!
    The end agreement was that I need to request my objection also to the RDW to be considered as a
    conscientious objector. He will then automatically be informed by the RDW about this, so he can acknowledge me conscientious objector. But in the confirmation letter of which I received on this matter, states that I only can get the acknowledgement after I’ve sent in the declaration of expulsion of all insurances.
  3. What is this? What does car insurance has to do with health care insurance in this matter? One doesn’t need to own a car. But one can’t say the same about one’s own body. And: no one NEED to execute the car insurance, but I do not WANT to execute the Dutch health care insurance, for the simple reason that I refuse to get care, with or without my consciousness, in case I’d be incapable making my own decision. I refer to my Refusal of treatment (Prohibition of medical treatment and No Reanimation card) – for more Information refer to the Right to Die-NL (NVVE in Dutch - Nederlandse Vereniging voor een Vrijwillig Levenseinde) P.O Box 75331, 1070 AH Amsterdam (0900-6060606).
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