Did you know that:

  • meditation was created (if it was created in the first place after all) for you and not the other way around?
  • meditation is the best invention, the ultimate creation of consciousness?
  • meditation is a path or maybe the path to the Core of You, the Kernel of You, the Source of You?
  • meditation is the best diet ever?
  • your weight will definitely decrease, especially with Dynamic Meditation, Kundalini, Nataraj, No Mind, Gibberish or the Sufi dance?
  • Meditation is there when you dedicate mot 100%, but maybe 200% attention, concentration, dedication and unconditional love in whatever you do? Just to be fully present in here and now?
  • This path starts with “knowing” and conscious of who or what you are: first in physical terms, second in physiological terms, third in emotional terms, fourth in psychological terms, fifth in spiritual sense, sixth in soul terms and seventh in terms of awareness, known as the true You, the Universal You?
  • Temporary sleep deprivation will enhance this process?
  • Meditation maybe implies your readiness to ultimately experience your pain …
  • Enlightenment simply means the end of all sufferings? Is this the first property of reaching, understanding and knowing who you really are? No matter in how terrible life condition you are now in, because then heaven is already at your side.

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