Donations can be dropped in IBAN: NL63INGB0009318452 with reference Stichting APAICI

Calculation examples or guidelines

Compensation: Ideally Indians exchange → Quality TIME for Quality TIE, otherwise just one euro per minute … Money can never ever compensate love (which cures all kind of problems). Only mutual love can do that. For practical reasons, the compensation will be determined according to your capacity in Love and power (“se-ikhlas-nya“).

I do my job with sincere Love. If you pay me for the Love I give you through whatever I do for you, then I am nothing more than a whore … a gigolo …

A session usually lasts 1.5 hours and costs € 75.

Guided Group activities, like meditation, dancing, etc: € 60 per hour (divided by number of participants). Encounters where there is no direct physical contact is called consultation. This costs individually (one-to-one) 1 cent per second and one-to-many € 1 per 10 minutes. Direct physical contact such as massage and the like costs € 1 per minute.

Company’s rates: € 60 per hour including preparations and clearing location and waiting times.

Travel time and costs can be calculated from our nearest location in Wormer or Oostzaan::

< 15 Minutes journey time: € 0.50 per km
> 15 Minutes journey time: € 0.75 per minute

Special arrangements

  • gift coupon/voucher
  • Stamp: 6th visit 50 % discount or 11th session free of charge
  • continue according to the Chinese Red Flag Tradition: After a predetermined number of treatments, free of charge if you resort under our protection and still being ill. This means that you will spend a periodic contribution as long as you are healthy. If you become ill or sick, the contribution will stop and you will be treated free of charge until you are better again. If you want to get out of your contract, all previous free sessions will be settled.
  • Place a bet/contract: after 10 sessions we acquire agreed desired state

Note that you will need to be willing to resolve the core of your problem, otherwise such a contract can not be made. In other words: willing to follow the agreed procedure.

Since you are The Customer is King, you are the one who has the say. This includes the price determination.
Are you aware whether you can bear this noble title? Are you worthy in all your actions, just as the nobility has?
Who do you choose to be? A nobility? A beggar? An arrogant beggar trying to be a nobility? Know that you cannot possibly be a beggar …